Direct Hire Recruitment Services for Employers

Our process is simple and is one that can be 100% customized to your needs, priorities, process, and company size. We can take to stress of headhunting off your plate and allow you to focus on your business.

Clients can rely on DEINDE to help find the best talent. We will help you find the technical expertise that you require. Our recruiting experts can draw from a large source of candidates and we help clients find the perfect fit for their organization.

DEINDE is an international Engineering firm that connects companies with top tier professionals worldwide. At DEINDE we make the task of finding the right people cost effective and efficient. Our focus is engineering, architecture, construction, and design, which includes licensed professionals and related administrative staff who support them.

Free review of resumes and detailed review.
Receive an individual report for each candidate which includes their name, skills assessment, availability, salary expectations, and other reinvent information to the job.

Free to interview.
Interview our candidates by phone, in person, or both! We will arrange interviews and help with selecting candidates.

Only pay if you hire.
There is no obligation unless you hire one of our candidates. We only ask that you let us do what we do best, matchmaking! And let our results speak for themselves.

We give personal attention.
From initial call to finial selection you will have our full attention. We understand the Engineering industry, and we’ll invest time learning about your company.

We guarantee our work.
DEINDE stands behind our work. We want you to hire with confidence, which is why we offer a guarantee and free replacement searches if needed. The goal is that you will not need this.