Staffing Services

DEINDE offers tremendously professional and advanced staffing solutions in the USA for temporary and permanent staffing. Our roots evolved in the architectural, construction & engineering industries.

Our understanding of legit needs and best HR practices in the industry allows your organization to be compliant with regulations and work efficiently. Our staff will understand your needs, your industry, and your language – saving you time and reducing frustration.

We use an accurate strategy called ‘match and prepare’ that helps us to match the needs of our customer’s line of work with the most suitable candidates. DEINDE comes up with customized solutions as per your organization’s needs. Our HR solutions are convertible to staffing requests in a vital area of business.

We Offer-:

1. Temporary Staff: Staff augmentation started the technical staffing industry, and has been an effective tool for years. Managers have relied on temporary engineers, designers, drafters, project managers, and dozens of other job categories to get projects done ahead of schedule and under budget.

2. Temp-to-Hire: Temp-to-hire is a lot like permanent placement; the goal is to find an employee to add to your team. Our engineering recruiters find the candidate, verify the experience and quality of the candidate, and ensure cultural fit. We sell the features and benefits of working at your organization and attempt to gauge interest. If we think we have a good match, we submit the candidate to you with an executive summary, resume, bill rate for the temporary period, and any other information that you request.
As a specialty engineering staffing company, we find the right technical talent. Temp-to-perm is a good option for both the candidate and employer to evaluate each other as a long-term fit.

3. Permanent Placement: Permanent placement, also known colloquially as “headhunting,” is finding a permanent employee to add to your team. Our engineering recruiters find the employee, verify the experience and quality of the employee, and ensure cultural fit. We sell the features and benefits of working at your organization and attempt to gauge interest. If we think we have a good match, we submit the employee to you with an executive summary, resume, rate requirements, and any other information that you request.
Our main value-added, when compared to internal recruiting, is that, as a specialty engineering placement firm, we find the right technical talent. Additional value-added is time savings to you in screening unqualified applicants – time you could better be spending earning money or being productive for your organization. Because we work with the same categories of applicants daily, we do a better job on the front end – qualifying applicants and preventing offer rejections and last minute back-outs.

4. Payroll Service: Employer of record, sometimes known as payrolling, is when DEINDE hires your self-recruited personnel onto DEINDE’s payroll to work under your direction. DEINDE does the proper withholdings that are required in an employee-employer relationship, ensuring that you are in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service.

5. Recruitment solution consultation: There are many ways to structure your recruitment organization. Do you use internal recruiting or outside help, or some combination? Will your organization benefit from multiple specialized vendors, or is the one-on-one time between a recruiter and manager the right solution for you? What key performance indicators will you use to make sure your solution is on track? Do you want to pay for the cost of a recruiter to reduce your placement fees, or put 100 percent of the burden of success on a vendor or recruiter by paying only a contingency fee for success? Does your solution need to be quickly scalable, or will you have relatively steady hiring needs?

6. Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Focus on your core business. Let DEINDE take the uncertainty and fixed overhead out of building your own recruiting department with our engineering RPO solutions. You need a partner who has been reliably finding the right people for over the years. Engineering focused Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program is a way to get all of your hiring needs met efficiently and effectively. In this type of program, DEINDE will fill the non-technical needs as well. Whether your hiring needs are constant throughout the year or vary based on customer demand or business cycles, DEINDE outsourced engineering and technical recruitment program will ensure that you only pay for what you need. An engineering RPO solution gives you greater visibility into your hiring process through regular key performance indicator (KPI) reviews and proactive notifications of any obstacles to your success.

Our Advantage: Deinde customers needed staffing support. Because of this, we opened up a recruiting business. First, we would work on engineering projects. Then, we would help find engineers to work on the projects. Ever since we have been the only real engineering temp agency providing the best candidate for the right fit. By this, we mean that we have been around the block. We are the best suited to help you find qualified candidates. So allow us to be your long term workforce solution. Allow us to be your engineering recruiters.

Our Market:

1. AEC industry
2. Mechanical Industry
3. Automotive Industry

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