Bus Seat Design

Deinde has designed all sorts of bus seats for various fabricators. Besides weight optimization and code compliance for strength, we take care of basics issues as well like ergonomics and privacy. The profile of a bus seat needs to be designed ergonomically for better seating comfort. The seat profile design development includes design validation against applicable codes. Design development also includes optimization of headrest, upper-back support, lumbar support, seatback bolster, hip support, thigh support, seat-pan bolster, and floor anchorage. Deinde also facilitates fabrication of prototypes.

Deinde provides a complete design and approval consultancy for bus seat designs. On behalf of fabricator, Deinde will liaison with the design approval authority (ICAT, ARAI, CIRT). Deinde will take care of all the documentation and supervise the complete process from registration to certification.

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Bus Seat Design Services
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Deinde provides complete bus seat design and approval consultancy service. On behalf of fabricator, We are liaison with the design approval authority (ICAT, ARAI, CIRT).