CFD Analysis Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) utilizes several numerical approaches to solve three-dimensional fluid flow problems. CFD is extensively used for industries such as aerospace, automotive, HVAC, building external and internal analysis, manufacturing, product design, etc.

CFD works out to be a quick & effective tool to predict the performance of the system in design stages, ensuring safe, efficient and engineered solutions.

DEINDE offers CFD analysis & consultancy for fluid flow related applications. For building design & industrial environment control we provide CFD analysis for thermal comfort, fire & smoke analysis, contaminant control, precision temperature control, wind load analysis, pollution control for townships, industrial installations-cooling towers etc.

Air Flow Analysis using CFD


Internal Flows (Ducts,Pipes)
External Flow (Aerodynamics, Radiator Cooling)
Thermal Analysis (Conduction, Convection & Radiation)
Compressible & In-compressible Flows
Multiphase Simulations
Particle Transport & Discreet Element
Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
Rotating Machinery & Moving Mesh


Smoke & Fire Analysis
Specise (CO, CO2, TMA) Contamination Analysis
Data-center Cooling Applications
Industrial Ventilation & Air-conditioning Applications
Thermal Comfort Analysis (Cooling Towers, Chillers)
Kitchen Ventilation & Cooking Facilities
Cooling Towers & Chiller Analysis
Room Acoustics
Safety Evacuation
Wind Impact on High Rise Structures, Pedestrian Comfort Analysis
Electronics Cooling
Turbo-machinery Design & Performance Analysis


CFD Analysis helps to understand complex flow problems. Performance of the system can be analyzed in the early design stages making the design process flawless, efficient and shorter turnaround time for development work. In the building design, CFD can be used to analyze external flow such as building aerodynamics and wind load as well as the internal flow analysis including thermal comfort, contaminant control and smoke control thus providing a safer greener design.


Fire & Smoke Analysis

Fire and Smoke control is a major challenge in buildings. Using CFD analysis temperature and smoke generation can be visualized and it is ensured that smoke control system meets the relevant safety codes. Staircase pressurization, zone modeling for smoke control can also be analyzed to ensure safe escape of occupants.


car park ventilation using CFD

Carbon-monoxide (CO) control is a major challenge in covered car parks. By using CFD Analysis, we ensured that the ventilation system meets the NBC, ASHRAE and WHO guidelines for CO exposure and contaminant control.


Data Centre Analysis

The CFD Analysis of the data-center facility is done to predict airflow patterns, temperature distribution. The hotspots and recirculating zones around the racks can be identified and eliminated. The study is further extended to get detailed information of the Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and effective & optimized air distribution.



In a commercial kitchen, working conditions are especially demanding. Ventilation plays an important role in providing comfortable and productive working conditions and in securing contaminant removal. By CFD Analysis, we ensure that the removal of high heat loads, steam generation, food odors and contaminants.


Industrial Ventilation using CFD

For industrial applications meeting the process requirement of specific temperature and humidity with human comfort is difficult to achieve and mostly results in over-sized HVAC equipment and insufficient system. CFD Analysis helps to evaluate the air distribution inside the concerned space and achieve process requirement efficiently with human comfort as well as contaminants removal.


Air Flow Analysis using CFD

CFD helps to predict pressure drops in AHU, and optimize the design to reduce the pressure drop and best utilizing the energy of fans. It helps to analyze airflow patterns and velocities across the different components such as filters, coil, inlet box, plenum etc. CFD Analysis can be further used to optimize the velocity distribution and gain maximum output from the AHU.


Contaminant Control with CFD Analysis

CFD can be used to analyze the ventilation system design for bio-safety labs. Factors such as fume containment, safety of the working person, pressure gradient relative to adjacent areas, filtration, air changes per hour (ACPH), temperature and humidity requirements necessary to design the ventilation system to meet requirements.


Turbo Analysis with CFD

Design and optimization of turbo-machinery prediction of operating curve for fan and pumps blade, housing design & optimization based upon head and flow requirements. Prediction of the operating curve at different impeller speed, and cavitation analysis, particle erosion analysis are performed to get best available efficiency and life.


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