Bus Body Structure Design

Adopting the new ‘highly optimized’ design models is the only solution to the increasing competition amongst the Bus Body Manufacturers. These new bus body designs are generated with the combined efforts of various domain experts. Generally in international market for passenger’s buses, design processes can rely on super computing facilities. In US, there are thousands of local fabricators constructing vehicles based on local needs. Without access to latest computation facilities, these fabricators find it impossible to compete with their international counterparts. To remain competitive, they must comply with the same performance requirements and weight optimization standards.

Deinde proposes a new method cum approach for designing a bus body structure, using economic 3D modelling and analysis software. Deinde has already helped many fabricators by re-designing their outdated structures. FE analysis helped in identifying simple and effective changes in the structure. Structural and Dynamic analysis helps in determining the strength of structures with different materials. The sheet thickness was reduced and overall number and shape of elements was changed, so that the total weight of the bus was reduced. In some cases steel was replaced with latest composite materials, further reducing the weight of the bus.

Deinde provides a complete design and approval consultancy for bus body structures. On behalf of fabricator, Deinde will liaison with the design approval authority (ICAT, ARAI, CIRT). Deinde will take care of all the documentation and supervise the complete process from registration to certification.

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Bus Body Structure Design Services
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We provide complete bus body structure design & approval consultancy service. On behalf of fabricator, Deinde will liaison with the design approval authority (ICAT, ARAI, CIRT).