Privacy Policy

Commitment to Quality -The Company is committed to delivering quality, competitive, innovative & sustainable products & services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We continuously work with our customers to fully understand their requirements to deliver goods & services of the highest quality. It is the policy of the Company to operate business in a manner that meets the international quality standard ISO 9001-2015 where applicable.

After Sales Service – We respond promptly & constructively to product quality & service complaints, ensuring the appropriate containment, corrective & preventative action is taken to permanently resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. We ensure timely deliveries in full.

Quality Compliance – We monitor compliance with applicable regulatory requirements at all sites. Also provide an environment which encourages & supports innovative product & process design to increase the ‘Value Add’, by incorporating re-cycled material & close the recycling loop. Maintain a culture of total employee involvement & teamwork, which promotes product & service quality as being the responsibility of all employees.

Quality Assurance – Implement measures of Quality performance which ensure all levels of management & employees understand how their role & actions directly relate to customer satisfaction.

Quality Objectives – Benchmark ourselves against the best in the world, so we have a focus on being “Best in Class???. Promote & support continuous improvement of our business processes with active participation from all employees at all levels of all our businesses. This will be done by providing training, management review, research and development, best technologies & equipment & consultation with the community.

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