HVAC Importance For Human Comfort & Working Environment

The complete life cycle of a building depends on the design stage. In the case of HVAC systems, a good design saves input energy and provide better indoor environment.

Office buildings are used for business activities, and occupants that competently complete their task if they are comfortable.

Factors that affect comfort are:
• Air Quality
• Indoor Temperature
• Air Speed
• Lighting Quality


Subjective factors come into play when dealing with human comfort. For this reason, the main challenge is to achieve comfortable temperature for as many people as possible.

• Human productivity increases within a temperature range of 21°C to 25°C.
• An antagonistic effect on office productivity has been observed between 17°C and 30°C.
• In general, women tend to be affected more by low temperature, while men are more susceptible to high temperature.


Many health issues are common in drafty environment even if the air quality is kept under control.

Air velocity issues are often caused by:
• Oversized or poorly controlled fans
• Improper duct size


A well-designed HVAC system is energy efficient & keeps occupants comfortable and healthy. In office buildings, a good HVAC design can also improve productivity.

Research results have found that human productivity tends to peak in the range of 21°C to 25°C. An HVAC system should also conserve air quality, while preventing air movement at high speed.

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